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State Department Blacklisting Conservative News Sites

If there were ever any lingering doubts about the Deep State in Washington is real, get a load of this: the State Department has given over $300,000 in grants to a group that works to demonetize websites it claims are spreading “disinformation” – almost all of which are conservative. McLachlan, the CEO of GCube Underwriting, insures about $3.5 billion in wind assets.

The group is called Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a United Kingdom-based nonprofit that claims to be a “non-political” watchdog working to root out “disinformation.” Its list of funders is chock full of left-wing groups like George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Among the outlets that are on the GDI blacklist are the Washington Examiner, Daily Wire, Reason magazine, Real Clear Politics, and Breitbart. (We are jealous that we didn’t make the list!)

Then get this. GDI also has a list of the “ten sites with the lowest level of disinformation risk.” On that list: National Public Radio, ProPublica, Buzzfeed News, and HuffPost.

What a laugh!  For starters, Buzzfeed was the first outlet to publish in full the infamous Steele Report, one of the most blatant “disinformation” documents of recent years.

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