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State Legislatures Still Red, But A Little Less So After November Midterms

Finally, all the ballots are counted in state legislative races as well. In state legislative races this year, Democrats surprisingly flipped majority control of four legislative bodies. The Republicans had control of 61 of the 99 chambers and now they have 57 to 41 for Democrats.  Democrats gained control of the Michigan House, Michigan Senate, Minnesota House, and Pennsylvania House. For Republicans, this was a disappointing result as the GOP hoped to pick up two more chambers. But in a normal election, an average of 12 chambers flip party, so this was a mostly status quo election on the state level.

The one state where Republicans suffered major losses was Michigan. For the first time in many years, Democrats have the trifecta of both legislative chambers and the governorship. We fear that the highest priority for Governor Gretchen Whitmer will be to repeal the state’s right-to-work law.

Below is a map of the latest red versus blue control of state legislatures.

Below is a not-entirely up-to-date map of state legislative districts controlled by Repubs (red) and Democrats (blue). It’s a useful picture of where geographically each party has strongholds.

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