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Supreme Court Ruling: If You Want Border Control, You Need To Elect a New President

The Supreme Court decision that Texas can’t control its own border with Mexico is infuriating to many, but as a legal matter, it’s fairly clear from the Constitution that the federal government has supremacy over states when it comes to immigration and border policy. Texans are particularly outraged that the leftists running the Biden admin have done nothing to control illegal immigration. Just the opposite.

They have invited the migrants in and have cut down the fences Texas has installed. It’s almost as if the Democrats want the chaos and mayhem. Even the migrants themselves are victims of Biden’s inhumane policy.

Perhaps worst of all, Biden has even undermined support for a more sane LEGAL immigration system at a time when we need more smart and hard-working immigrants.

What is clear from this Court ruling is that the ONLY solution now is to get rid of this cruel and incompetent president. Love him or hate him, Trump’s policies would solve it.

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