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Texas School Choice Update

We are still keeping close track of the special session of the legislature in Austin to see if Governor Abbott’s universal school choice bill is enacted into law. This could give five million students the freedom to attend the best school available – public or private.

Those who will be helped most are low-income and minority children.

But the Democrats are almost universally siding with the teachers’ unions against the children.

The Democrats are promising to throw up every roadblock they can to stop the school voucher program. Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, says his message is “very clear: no vouchers and no deals.”  There is still a hope that some of the urban inner-city Democrats (who represent districts with some of the worst schools) will put children first and vote yes.

Meanwhile, Accuracy In Media (AIM) sent hidden cameras into the administrative offices of San Antonio’s public schools, and what they found was shocking: no matter what guidelines are established, the administrators feel free to ignore or subvert them.

When administrators were asked by AIM whether they were enforcing Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on teaching radical Critical Race Theory in schools, they scoffed and openly violated state law. Watch this video and you will see that the public school administrators are acting like leftist activists, not champions of kids.

Watch the video here:

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