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The Average Voter Is Only Willing To Pay $20 a Year To Fight Climate Change

CTUP co-sponsored a poll with our friends at the American Energy Alliance, and the results show that the American people overwhelmingly want affordable energy and to make their own choices on what cars to drive. Our favorite result: on the question of how much would you be willing to pay in higher energy costs, etc. to combat global warming, the median answer was $20. The cost the greens want to impose on us each year is easily one hundred times that high.

Here are some of the highlights:

Pollster Mike McKenna notes that all of the trendlines are moving away from the Biden positions:

Where there has been change, voter sentiment in favor of government making decisions, in favor of taxation, in favor of banning gasoline-powered products, and in favor of reliance on China, has eroded over time.

This poll suggests that we may have reached peak climate change craziness in America and that Republicans should fight back more aggressively against Biden’s anti-consumer, anti-energy agenda.

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