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The Better Way To Help Ukraine

This is a fairly obvious point to readers of the Hotline and should have been obvious to Congress. The best way to help the freedom fighters of Ukraine is not to have the thoroughly incompetent U.S. government send tens of billions of taxpayer dollars through incompetent NGOs – when they can’t account for what happened to the last $10 billion tranche of taxpayer money.

Instead, Republicans should insist on a drill baby drill energy strategy. As we showed earlier this year, if the Biden administration had simply stuck with the Trump energy dominance strategy, we would be producing nearly $200 billion more oil and natural gas. We could be exporting the gas to Europe.  And we could decapitate the Russian economy, which produces NOTHING but Nat gas.  Biden played right into the hands of Putin with his war on American energy and reversing that is the best way to ground to a halt the Russian war machine.

Let’s not forget that if Trump were still president, Putin would have never invaded Ukraine in the first place.

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