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The Biden Bureaucrat Who Does the Unions’ Bidding

We’ve written a lot more on FTC chair Lina Kahn’s maniacal litigation, but NLRB general counsel Jennifer Abruzzo is going all out to compete to be the Biden administration’s top job destroyer.

Last year, Abruzzo limited confidentiality and nondisparagement clauses in severance agreements. Then she targeted non-compete agreements by employees, arguing that asking workers to agree not to sign up with a competitor is a violation of their rights. The newsletter, Employment Law, says she believes that “if workers are barred from accepting jobs elsewhere that require the same skillsets, they’re unlikely to threaten to quit en masse” and be able to pressure the company.

Another of her moves was an attempt to strike down bans on moonlighting by employees. She claims such restrictions can prevent a worker from taking on a job at a specific workplace helping a union organize the facility.

The radical Nation magazine has crowed that “of all of the members of Biden’s administration, it’s arguably Abruzzo who has brought about the most significant changes for American workers.”  They might be right – but those changes will hamstring legitimate business practices, hurting both companies and the job opportunities they are able to offer workers.

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