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Scholars Rank Biggest Spending Presidents As Greatest

Yesterday, we glumly noted how George Washington’s Birthday got diluted into something popularly known as “President’s Day.”

HOTLINE readers reminded us that left-wing academics have made it even worse with their periodic surveys ranking all the presidents. Siena College Research Institute surveyed 141 presidential “scholars” to rate all 45 presidents. 

In all seven surveys since 1982 the same five men have topped the field:  FDR finished first in six of the seven, followed by Lincoln, Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.

So the president who grew the government the most and who failed in eight years to end the unemployment line of the Great Depression is the best president?

Here’s a laugher: Joe Biden was ranked 19th overall, primarily because of his ability to compromise (when?), great court appointments (!), and his integrity (!!!!!).   

What planet are these scholars even orbiting?

Barack Obama is in 11th place, while  Lyndon Johnson is ranked 8th best, despite the catastrophic Vietnam War, the failed Great Society, and a soiled ethics record exhaustively documented by biographer Robert Caro.

Given those rankings, it should come as no surprise that Ronald Reagan who won the Cold War and launched a three-decade-long prosperity is only rated the 18th best president. In fact, he’s slipped five places since 2018 and his current rating is only as high as it is because scholars view him as the 3rd “luckiest” president.

Donald Trump is ranked as next to last of all presidents in handling the economy despite the economic boom during his term.

This is beyond preposterous and the only grade we can give this work product of these blinkered scholars is a simple one: You Flunk!

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