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The CDC Has Been Hiding The “Science” From Us

If you are wondering whether you can believe ANYTHING that the CDC tells us, you’re not just paranoid. And you’re not “anti-science.” (Remember in the spring of 2020 when Fauci said don’t wear masks because he didn’t want to run out of masks, then a few weeks later he said you MUST wear masks.)

Now we learned yesterday from of all places the New York Times, that the CDC has been deliberately and systematically concealing data from us – you know, the people who pay the CDC’s bills.

Some highlights:

Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected, several people familiar with the data said…

But the C.D.C. has been routinely collecting information since the Covid vaccines were first rolled out last year…. The agency has been reluctant to make those figures public, the official said, because they might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective.

This selective publication of the data and science on the virus seems to us to be an unforgivable betrayal of the public trust. We have been lied to.

Heads should roll.

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