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The Cuomo Family’s Latest Scandal

The more we learn about the Cuomo family, the more sleazy they appear.

Monday’s New York Times reports that Madeline Cuomo — younger sister of Andrew, the disgraced former New York governor — directed a relentless social media smear campaign against women who dared point the finger at Andrew after he resigned in August 2021, following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

We have no idea of the veracity of all these claims against the former governor.

But wait a minute? Did she attack the accusers? That’s verboten. Whatever happened to the “Me Too” movement and the “believe all women” narrative?

Who does Madeline think she is? Hillary Clinton?

The episode is also the latest reminder that the Cuomo family needs to permanently exit stage left from the political arena. Remember that in the early days of the Covid pandemic, it was Gov. Cuomo who pushed senior citizens to leave hospitals and return to nursing homes – a disastrous decision that led to more than 13,000 deaths by February 2021. Oh, and the Cuomo administration intentionally under-reported the death total, according to an audit by New York’s state comptroller.

It’s hard to believe that this time three years ago the Democrats were pleading with the great statesman Andrew Cuomo to run for president.

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