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The Dumbest Argument Ever Against a Government Shutdown

We are NOT for a government shutdown, and we support the common-sense policy endorsed by Senator Lankford of Oklahoma that would fund all programs at last year’s level until a budget is passed.

But it’s fun to listen to the usual hysteria of the media warning against the reign of terror to our country if there were to be a short-term shutdown of non-essential services. An article yesterday in the usually sensible Wall Street Journal warns:

“A shutdown that lasts more than two weeks could deprive Fed officials of information they would use to decide whether to raise interest rates at their next meeting.”

REALLY? The Fed won’t know if there is inflation going on without government reports? Hey, we have an idea: why don’t they just take a trip to the grocery store or the gas pump?  What makes this argument even more foolish is that Jerome Powell has had ALL the data on inflation over the last two years, and that didn’t stop the Fed from letting inflation soar to 9.2% last summer. Remember, the Fed said they thought inflation would be “transitory.” Seems to us they are blindfolded already.

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