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The Fetterman Underdressed Code

We’re not especially prudish, and no one will ever accuse us of being fashionistas. But shouldn’t there be some reasonable decorum and dress standards on the floor of Congress? Shouldn’t there be a little class in the halls of government?

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman was allowed to preside over the Senate this week in sneakers, a dark short-sleeved collared shirt, and dark shorts that displayed his tattoos on Wednesday…

He then show up in what looked like the exact same outfit Thursday to meet with the Ukrainian president.

The Spectator magazine, which notes that everyone else who appears on the Senate floor must still be in business attire, commented that “Much like how an entire kindergarten class must accommodate one problem child who refuses to do his work unless his own special conditions are met, we are being misled once again under the guise of a dress code.”

Senator Joe Manchin is circulating a proposal to reestablish the Senate’s dress code. Almost every Republican has signed it.

The Senate used to be known as the world’s Greatest Deliberative Body. If it allows the “Fetterman Dress Code” to remain in place, it will soon be ridiculed as the world’s Greatest Laughing Stock.

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