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The House’s Late-Night Spendathon Party

Last night the House used a $13.6 aid package to Ukraine as the shiny object to pass a fiscally reckless 2,714 page, $1.5 trillion spending bill that increases spending by more than 7%. The Heritage Foundation notes that it would take the average congressman more than 300 hours to digest all the numbers and verbiage – which means almost no one knows what they voted for.

Earmarks, which were supposed to be banned, are back with a vengeance. The bill includes such vital priorities as:

The Democrats even sent out a press release bragging about increasing their own office staff budgets by 21%:

The Democrats wanted $15.6 billion MORE for COVID (on top of the $4 trillion already authorized over the last two years), but when Republicans rightly insisted this be paid for out of unspent money from the last COVID bill, or from cuts in other programs, Pelosi’s gang revolted. They were willing to forego the health funding that they insist is necessary to save lives (sic) because they refused to find $15 billion in savings elsewhere. They couldn’t cut 0.4% out of our $6 trillion budget.

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