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The Hunter Biden Scandal Is Now A Movie

More than two million people have used social media to watch the trailer of a new film on the Hunter Biden scandal and if you’re not one of those, we provide a link below.

The film, produced in conjunction with Breitbart News and featuring reporting by Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Project, is timely in light of new revelations by Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook limited its coverage of the original story on Hunter Biden’s laptop after being told by the FBI it was most likely “Russian propaganda.”

“You literally have the most powerful family in the United States taking money from our sworn rivals’ and taking it from four businessmen who are linked with Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer stated.

We haven’t seen the movie yet, so we can’t vouch for its quality or entertainment value. But we believe that Schweitzer almost single-handedly took down Hillary Clinton with his book “Clinton Cash,” and this movie may similarly take down Biden.

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