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The Incredibly Shrinking Janet Yellen

Longtime HOTLINE readers may recall that we praised Janet Yellen’s selection for Treasury secretary. We anticipated that as a former chairman of the Fed, she’d be for Biden what Robert Rubin was for Clinton – the voice of sanity in a cabinet filled with leftist ideologues who had no expertise about their department. (Pete Buttigieg knows nothing about transportation except how to ride a bike to work when the cameras are on him and Jennifer Granholm, who thinks her job is to deplete American energy supplies).

Boy were we wrong.

Yellen has been a major driver for climate change radicalism, global minimum taxes, soak-the-rich policies, and now anti-Trump tirades.

This weekend in Arizona she ranted about Trump being “a threat to democracy.”

She prefaced her remarks by acknowledging that politics “doesn’t seem like typical terrain for a treasury secretary.” Then she took out a howitzer and started firing away.

She said that Trump-inspired “January 6 rioters who stormed The Capitol, spurred on by a line.” She called the former president an “authoritarian” and a “threat to democracy.” “Undercutting democracy undercuts a foundation of sustainable and inclusive growth,” she fumed.

Yellen also brought up the discredited story that Trump wants to politicize the Fed saying that Fed independence “matters for financial stability and economic growth” – which strikes us as ironic because those are two things starkly missing under her boss.

It also strikes us as a sign of panic in the Biden admin.

Axios reports the rationale for the speech is the Biden team’s frustration that “voters have told pollsters that they trust Trump more on the economy than Biden.”

Hmmm. We wonder why!

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