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The IRS Is At Your Service

The Biden White House is denying that their $80 billion IRS expansion plan will mean 87,000 more auditors and agents.

We are being told that these tens of billions of dollars for the IRS will improve “customer service.” The bill itself – which almost no one has read – is stuffed with flowery rhetoric about giving the IRS more money to help Americans and answer questions for tax filers.

Uh-huh. Then why do they also tout the raising of tens of billions of more tax revenues through this plan?

The bill itself notes that only 4% of the IRS funding is for more customer-friendly service.

In any case, the figure of 87,000 new IRS agents is no figment of anyone’s imagination. The White House’s own tables show the bill will add 87,000 new hires.

Oops. They lied again.

Yes, when the IRS pound on (or breaks down) your door, they are from the government. But, no, they aren’t here to go.

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