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The Left Declares War On Air Conditioners

The Biden administration has learned very little from its abortive attempt to regulate gas stoves largely out of existence based on shoddy science.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm ramped up her war on your appliances this week as she finalized rules for any new home and window air conditioners. Add AC to a growing list of home appliances the Biden regime has targeted: gas stoves, ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators. Granholm says these new regs will save money and help “tackle the climate crisis.” They also won’t blast as much cool air – just as the new wonder toilets don’t flush.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit proposes an alternative: start this ban on air conditioning in Washington, DC.

“We won two world wars with a capital city that was largely devoid of air conditioning,” he notes. “At least in the old days, Congress and senior bureaucrats used to flee the Washington heat for a few months, keeping them out of trouble. So no AC for DC!”

We only see one problem: most federal workers haven’t been to the office in three years and counting.

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