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The Left Is STILL Censoring the Truth About COVID

Three years later, here’s the latest example of why you still can’t believe nary a word the medical “science” community says or advises about COVID. The truth is still being censored out of existence on leading academic exchanges:

The huge Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN), is a behemoth in academia, extremely important to professors for getting their work out there and advancing within the academic community.

It’s the go-to site for all respectable academic working papers…

So now we see some very odd censorship occurring there:

An important meta-study, or study of studies, on the efficacy of lockdowns worldwide, titled “A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality,” later published as a peer-reviewed book titled “Did Lockdowns Work? The Verdict on Covid Restrictions” by the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, was effectively censored by the SSRN, just as the government has been caught meddling in other kinds of censorship related to COVID, and is out talking up COVID again.

The authors of the study were none other than academic heavyweights Steve H. Hanke, professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University, Lars Jonung, professor emeritus of economics at Lund University in Lund, Sweden, and Jonas Herby, special advisor for the Centre for Political Studies in Copenhagen. They began their research by following standard operating procedures: they published a detailed, nine-page protocol on SSRN. After completing their research, Hanke, Jonung, and Herby published a first and second edition of their work as working papers in the Johns Hopkins “Studies in Applied Economics” series. Both editions were mysteriously stonewalled by SSRN.

They were never published.

We think we have an explanation for this “mysterious outcome.”

The “Hanke et al study” the health care academics tried to bury, dared to show almost no effect of the COVID lockdowns on the spread of – or the death rates from the virus. But if that were the case, the public health community would have to admit they made one of the greatest mistakes in medical history – which they did.

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