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The NAACP’s Bogus Claim That Florida Is Hostile to Blacks

Since the theme of today’s Hotline is “Liberal Lies”, we now turn to the whopper from the NAACP claiming that Florida is: “openly hostile toward African Americans.”

Here are some statistics gathered by CTUP senior fellows John Fund and Wendell Cox:

      • In 2021, 49.2% of blacks owned their own home there – Florida ranks eighth-best among the 50 states.  California’s black homeownership is only 34 percent.
      • Florida’s black unemployment rate was 3.4% in early 2023, while black unemployment rates in Illinois and New York were 10.5% and 8.0%.
      • Florida attracted more new black residents from other states than all but four other states from 2010 to 2015 and from 2015 to 2020, for a combined total of 60,000. Only Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada gained more black residents.
      • There has been a huge African-American exodus out of the more progressive states. A net 392,000 African Americans left New York for other states between 2010 and 2020, while Illinois lost a net 185,000, California 132,000, and New Jersey 100,000.

In summary, things are better in Florida for African Americans than in progressive states on important measures of prosperity and opportunity. The NAACP knows better, but chose to take cheap shots.

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