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The New York Times Wants America to Surrender the Entire Auto Industry to China

The New York Times whimsically fantasizes about a world where there are only EVs on the road – all manufactured in China.

This is not an editorial.

It is what passes for a “news” story these days:

The world’s two most powerful countries, the United States and China, are meeting this week in Washington to talk about climate change. And also their relationship issues.

In an ideal world, where the clean energy transition was the top priority, they would be on friendlier terms. Maybe affordable Chinese-made electric vehicles would be widely sold in America, instead of being viewed as an economic threat. Or there would be less need to dig a lithium mine at an environmentally sensitive site in Nevada, because lithium, which is essential for batteries, could be bought worry-free from China, which controls the world’s supply.

Got that? Cede the auto industry to China and let them do all the mining, too. That would be ideal. Has anyone at the Times asked any of the members of the UAW about their scheme?

At least when The New York Times starts talking about their version of paradise, we wish they’d tell the truth: in their “ideal world” nobody would even have a car.

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