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The Not-So Patriotic Millionaires

About 15-20 leftwing millionaires – including Abigail Disney (Roy Disney’s granddaughter) and former Blackrock wiz kid Morris Pearl – attended a Washington press conference Tuesday in front of the Capital urging Congress to raise taxes to 90% on the super wealthy.  This band calls themselves the Patriotic Millionaires, who are concerned about income inequality.

So we thought we’d crash their party to find out how many of these self-proclaimed “patriots” would agree to pay the 90% tax on their own wealth. You can see from the video that as soon as we suggested this, we became the skunk at the garden party.  Not one of the participants agreed to pay the tax they were espousing – even though they claimed they “want to pay more taxes.”
It turns out they don’t.  And they were insulted that we asked them to set a good example.  Watch the video of Steve crashing the party below!

These aren’t patriotic, but hypocritical, millionaires.

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