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The Pennsylvania School-Choice Stakes

The budget battle is still in overtime in the Keystone State, where Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro claims to support scholarships for poor kids in failing schools, but vetoed it anyway.

Our friend Jeff Yass nails it in today’s WSJ:

Teachers unions need to kill Lifeline Scholarships in the crib, because they know that Lifeline Scholarships will work, allowing students to leave their schools. Students attending dangerous, failing public schools are generally low-income. Providing resources to these students will create a stampede out of deficient public schools as evidenced by the long waiting lists for charter-school seats and tax-credit scholarships.

Lifeline Scholarships are the canary in the coal mine, in Pennsylvania and nationally. If teachers unions allow a $100 million program today, parents desperate for a taste of freedom will rush to enroll their children in better schools and demand larger funding programs. If the unions allow even one of their financially supported Democrats to buck the antichild orthodoxy and do the right thing for their desperate constituents, other Democrats will surely follow, in Pennsylvania, in other states and in Congress.

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