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The Return Of Good Trump?

Many of our readers and supporters have turned decisively against Donald Trump. Given his behavior and antics since he lost the 2020 election – we understand why. Trump is and always has been his own worst enemy and he may be just too toxic today to win in 2024. There clearly was an anti-Trump factor in the midterm voting that hurt Republicans – though that is somewhat exaggerated.

We don’t take sides in political races. We would simply remind people that there is a good Trump and a bad Trump. Tuesday we saw emerge for the first time in a long while the return of the good Trump. Even his fiercest critics will have to acknowledge this his speech was a strong performance – though it went on WAY too long

His message was simple and straightforward. He drew a sharp contrast between the direction of the country when he was president and the dismal direction of the country today. He systematically highlighted the success of his policies – on the economy, education, China, crime, the border, taxes, inflation, energy, the vaccine, the nation’s security, the advancement of Hispanics and blacks, competence, small business, deregulation, America’s standing in the world, and reducing poverty.

The case for Trump can be summarized in one statistic. Under Obama and now Biden one in three Americans have rated the economy as good or great. Under Trump two of three Americans rated the economy as good or great.

Many Republicans would like Trump to go away. That might be best. But the reality is he isn’t going to.

So let’s have a robust and feisty primary season starting about nine months from now. Put all the wannabes on the big stage and see how they perform. We love Ron DeSantis (though we think that a coronation is extremely unwise). We love Kim Reynolds. We love Kristi Noem. We love Tim Scott and Glenn Youngkin. What a field of powerhouses and what a contrast to the Democrats where the cupboard is truly bare.

Here’s the most important point. It is fair game for the growing ranks of never-Trumpers to attack Trump’s behavior and his polarizing antics and the chaos that he (and the never-Trump media) engenders.

But it is vitally important for the future of our country and our prosperity that the spectacular success of Trump’s “put America first” policies – as laid out on Tuesday night – be heralded and defended.

Whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be should pledge, as far as policy is concerned, to pick right up where Trump left off.

We welcome your thoughts/criticisms.

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