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The “So-Called Freedom Convoy”

Canadian government-run media has even officially come out against the word freedom.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) even published an article describing “Freedom is a slippery concept,” that can lead to “violent freedoms” and a term to reduce equality and social justice (sic).

Before we leave this subject: Have you noticed that nearly every media story on the protests puts the name of the movement – Freedom Convoy – in quotation marks?

We searched far and wide and couldn’t find a single instance when Black Lives Matter or Greenpeace or the Environmental Defense Fund was put in quotation marks. Even more outrageous is the annoying convention of CNN and MSNBC and major newspapers to call the movement: the “so-called Freedom Convoy.”  No editorializing here, right? Remember that the next time the so-called “social justice warriors,” take to the streets and the reporting comes from the “so-called Cable ‘News’ Network.”

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