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The Swamp Is NOT Drained

Trump did his best to “drain the swamp” in Washington – just as voters hoped for. Alas, he failed. Now the federal government is on an unprecedented hiring spree.

Somehow hiring thousands upon thousands of new federal employees are going to change the temperature of the planet, end racism, and make us all equal. This from E&E News:

“Federal agencies are posting “helped wanted” signs as the Biden administration tries to quickly hire thousands of people to implement the new climate law.”

“The Department of Energy will need hundreds of new employees, many in its loan office. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, meanwhile, says the IRS plans to hire 5,000 people. And EPA has to staff up the new national green bank….”

Don’t you just love the fact that bureaucrats at the EPA and the Department of Energy – most of whom have never worked for a private business – are going to run a multi-billion dollar bank, gambling with your money? This is like asking a 9-year to race in the Indy 500.

Oh and if you look closely at the photo above-showing workers entering the EPA – notice that this is from 2019. That’s because nobody’s been working at the EPA or Department of Energy since Covid hit. In most federal agencies they are still phoning it in while collecting full-time salaries.

When Republicans take back the House in January, job one is to take a chainsaw to programs like these.

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