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They Actually Said It: Government Should Pick Industry Winners and Losers

A who’s who of liberal groups and top Biden officials held a conference this week gushing about their plans to break up monopolies in America. And, no, they weren’t talking about the teachers unions. Featured speakers include FTC chair Lina Khan, DOJ Antitrust boss Jonathan Kanter, CFPB director Rohit Chopra, Senator Amy Klobuchar, NEC Director Lael Brainard, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

It was like a surreal scene in a Batman movie when all the arch-enemies gather in one smoke-filled room conspiring to wreak havoc on Gotham City.

Mr. Kanter either wittingly or unwittingly let slip the Biden Admin’s overriding goal here:

“We don’t want corporations who are as powerful as governments making decisions about winners and losers,” Kanter said.

In other words, it’s the government’s job to pick industry winners and losers – not our businesses and consumers or the free enterprise system. And why not? The politicians have done such an amazing job picking winners with green energy.

Kanter openly bragged that he and other Biden super-regulators have killed more merger deals than any president.

This army of regulators is growing. The Justice antitrust division has grown 35% in two years, while the FTC (under aggressively anti-market chair Lina Khan) grew an astonishing 81%. The best way to stop these interferences is to slash these agency budgets.

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