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To Quickly Rebuild Baltimore Bridge – Call Ron DeSantis

President Biden is pledging to “move heaven and earth” to rebuild the collapsed Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor. We hope he’s true to his word.

Unlike the Philadelphia freeway overpass that reopened to traffic in 12 days after an accident last year, the mile-long Key Bridge will have to be closed for weeks just to clear debris. Its replacement will need to occur while allowing ship traffic in and out of the busy Baltimore ports to proceed.

We can’t afford to see a replay of the fiasco in 1980 when a ship took down part of a bridge across Tampa Bay, and it took two years to file environmental impact statements and begin construction – which took five years to complete.

That can’t happen here. The Baltimore ports are critical to supply chains and the bridge collapse will mean long delays for the car and truck traffic along the northeast corridor – one of the busiest highway stretches in the country.

President Biden should waive environmental impact rules, Davis Bacon wage rules, and other building regulations to speed up the rebuilding process. Please, Mr. President, put someone in charge who knows something about managing a large operation and building things. That means no Pete Buttigieg.

We know the right person to call: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. He has (in a matter of a few weeks) rebuilt bridges that were destroyed by hurricanes.

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