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Treasury Warns About Stimulus Fraud If They Don’t Get More Funding

As if to prove Milton Friedman’s truism about Washington’s budgeting mentioned above, how is this for extortion?

As we’ve reported previously, the fraud and waste in COVID “stimulus” programs are in the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. So now Secretary Yellen wants Congress to let her use some of the tens of billions of dollars of still-unspent CARES Act funding to investigate fraud in this and other Biden spending bills.

As Bloomberg puts it: Yellen is seeking “authorization to use money from earlier pandemic programs like the CARES Act to support the implementation of ARPA programs.”

Let’s see if we’ve got this straight: Congress is supposed to approve more taxpayer money so they can investigate all the fraud that the Biden administration never did anything about in the first place.

No! No! No!  One of the top priorities for the new Republican House in 2023 must be to claw back every dime of unspent dollars from Covid bills. As for rooting out fraud: that’s the job of congressional investigation committees.

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