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Trudeau’s 2022 Retaliation Against Truckers’ Freedom Convoy in Canada Ruled Illegal

Some really good news from north of the border.

The Canadian Federal Court has ruled that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s shutdown of the 2022 Freedom Convoy protests against COVID restrictions was unconstitutional. This is what we at the Hotline had been screaming at the time.

Trudeau had invoked Canada’s Emergency Powers Act for the first time in history. He instituted martial law police powers to crack down on the protestors. He even asserted the power to freeze or seize the bank accounts of people donating to the Freedom Convoy. There were no Court warrants and no appeal process.

Mysteriously, the crowdfunding platform that had been used to send money to the truckers was then hacked and donor details were released.

The court concluded that Trudeau’s actions violated “the hallmarks of reasonableness – justification, transparency and intelligibility.”

Trudeau – the T is for tyrant – has already announced he will appeal to the courts.

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