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Under Biden America Is Also Becoming A Food Importer

For at least the last half-century America the bread basket of the world. We have by far the most productive Farmers and much of the world’s most bountiful farmland with massive livestock.  We have fed the world.

New USDA data as first reported by Fox News on Friday, indicates that for the first time in decades, the U.S. is now buying more food from the rest of the world than the amount of our domestic agriculture products that are sold abroad. In 2022 the U.S. is expected to end the year with a small net IMPORTER of food. If present trends continue, by 2032 the U.S. is expected to run a $75 billion annual agriculture trade DEFICIT.

There are many disturbing reasons for this development, but one major one is rising energy costs during the Biden years here at home. So we are now in the red on energy and food – which under Trump were major American exports. Good going, Joe!

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