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Under Biden Plan: U.S. Will Have Higher Tax Rates Than Russia and China

We are often asked whether Biden is intentionally trying to dismantle the American economy with his imbecile energy, climate change, crime, border, inflation, and debt policies. We’ve always answered no, that these policies are driven by a badly mistaken ideology – not malice.

But then when we saw Biden’s new tax plan, that has made us reconsider. As you can see from the chart below, Biden would hobble United States businesses with the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  Who’s the big winner here if God forbid these policies were adopted? China, Russia, Europe, and nearly every other country that competes with the U.S. This will lead to an outmigration of capital from the U.S. to our rivals as sure as river water flows downstream.

What’s particularly mendacious about this idea of raising the American business tax rate by 33% is that we just did an experiment with lowering the federal corporate rate from 35 to 21% under Trump.

Even the opponents of that policy acknowledge that it increased investment flows into the United States. We estimate about $1 trillion came into the U.S. leading to a torrent of jobs here at home.

Biden’s inane tax-hike policies will put America last – literally and figuratively.

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