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Washington Wastes 42 Cents Of Every Dollar It Spends

We find it ironic and troubling that just six months after federal auditors discovered some $75 billion – that’s BILLION not million – of fraudulent payments made by the feds in disbursement of unemployment checks, the Biden administration wants to pass out nearly $1 trillion more in cash payments and other benefits to individuals.

Hey, we’ve got a crazy idea for Biden and Pelosi. Why not clean up the financial mess from the last program you created before picking Americans’ pockets for new handouts?

Republicans should be hammering the waste and fraud theme MUCH harder. A recent Poll by Scott Rasmussen finds that voters are on to the thievery and incompetence.

He finds that on AVERAGE voters believe that more than 40 cents of every dollar that Washington spends is wasted. This is true of Democratic and Republican voters and the chart below shows that this has been a consistent belief of voters for decades.

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