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Watch The LA Mayor’s Race – Crime And Chaos Could Elect A Reformer

When Eric Adams won election as New York’s mayor last November and replaced leftist Bill DeBlasio, many political observers speculated American’s might be inching right. Though so far Adams has been a major disappointment.

The next hope for a reformer comes from L.A. Its primary next month features so many mayoral candidates that it’s almost certain the two vote-getters will go on to a November runoff. One of them likely to be in the runoff is Rick Caruso is a billionaire property developer who was a Republican until 2012, sits on the board of the Reagan Foundation, and not only opposes “defund the police” but urges the public “to show our support for them with respect and gratitude.”

The most recent Berkeley/IGS poll has Caruso at 24 percent, Democratic Representative Karen Bass at 23 percent, other candidates and single digits, and a whopping 39 percent undecided. The same poll found that 61 percent of city residents named homelessness as one of their two top issues, and 38 percent named crime.

On crime, Caruso points out that LA is the most under-policed big city in America. He promises a no-nonsense approach: “We’ve all seen our neighbors’ homes burglarized or have had our cars broken into, or worse yet, stolen. We need to make sure there are consequences and fair repercussions for those who break the law.” What a concept!

Caruso also supports a recall of District Attorney George Gascon, who has declined to prosecute an astonishing 13,238 cases under his new soft-on-crime guidelines.

Could Caruso do for L.A. what Rudy Giuliani did for NYC?

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