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We Detect A Long Overdue Pivot On COVID

We hate to keep saying that we were right – OK, we love to – but even many on the left and in the media who from the start of COVID have wanted to keep frenzied Americans huddled in the corner in the fetal position for the last two years, are finally coming around to a more rational response to COVID and this latest wave.

The accelerating shift in the official COVID narrative is now unmistakable:

First, Fauci finally admitted the obvious – that almost everyone has been or will be exposed to COVID:

Second, Walensky tweeted out the same Kaiser Permanente study we shared yesterday, showing Omicron is an order of magnitude lower mortality risk that Delta – that puts it in the range of a normal respiratory virus.

Last, the AP finally swore off the screaming case count headlines, writing:

“The Associated Press has recently told its editors and reporters to avoid emphasizing case counts in stories about the disease. That means, for example, no more stories focused solely on a particular country or state setting a one-day record for number of cases, because that claim has become unreliable.”

We welcome this long overdue change in reporting, but what took so long? How many lives have been ruined, how many children have been deprived an education, how many hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted, how many businesses have gone bankrupt all because of false “science” and media fear mongering.

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