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We KNEW It: Democrats Now Move to Forgive Medical Debts

Debt forgiveness has become one of the Democrats’ favorite tools for buying votes. It’s apparently now a legalized form of graft. Biden has written off hundreds of billions of student loan debt and the youngsters love him for it. A recent poll in New Hampshire before the primary last month depressingly discovered that more than three of four Democrats supported student loan debt forgiveness.

We half-jokingly suggested a year ago on these pages that politicians would soon use taxpayer dollars to forgive mortgage debt and credit card debt. Maybe we should have kept our mouths shut.

In Connecticut, Democrat Governor Ned Lamont says he will be the 1st governor to forgive medical debt.  We’re going to go out on a limb here and predict that other Democratic governors will follow suit and then Biden may run with the idea as a pre-election giveaway too.

What’s next? Gambling debts? Unpaid alimony payments?

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