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Welcome to Regulatory Hell

Biden and his are promulgating new regulations at a frantic pace as if the clock is running out on them.  Last week we may have seen the biggest and costliest heap of new regulations slammed on the back of businesses in American history.

The most expensive of last week’s 59 new final rules were:

      • EPA “Multi-source Emission Standards,” including electric vehicle mandates for 2027 to 2032
      • Department of Energy efficiency standards for “General Service Lamps.”
      • Department of Labor’s (DOL) latest rule on “Lowering Miners’ Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica and Improving Respiratory Protection.”

But then they followed up last week with another blizzard of regs in recent days.

This week’s big announcements:

      • FCC rules to re-regulate internet access (net neutrality 2.0)
      • EPA zero-carbon freight transportation standards by 2035
      • FTC bans most employer non-compete rules

We’d thought that no one could out-regulate Obama – but boy were we wrong.

The folks at American Action Forum report that the economic costs of the regula-holics have reached over $1 trillion in just over three years in Office and that this price tag on private households and businesses is TRIPLE the cost under Obama.  It’s 30 times higher than new regs under Trump.

AAF notes that “if ‘Biden Administration Regulatory Costs’ were a country, its gross domestic product would rank 17th in the world, just behind Indonesia.” And that is based on the agencies’ own lowball cost estimates.

Our advice is that after this exhausting paroxysm of rulemaking, maybe the Biden regulators should take the rest of the year off.

Fat chance, right?

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