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What Good Are The Senate Republicans?

OK, we admit we may be just banging our heads against the wall. But we’re not giving up on our crusade to get Republicans to approve the $130 billion of automatic spending cuts that are REQUIRED in Congress’s own legally binding budget rules.

Why in the world wouldn’t they do this when we are spending $1 trillion more this year than we are taking in? Because they say these cuts are too deep! To hear some of the Senate Republicans talk, you’d think we were calling for a starvation budget that would slash popular programs.

That’s preposterous. Please look at the chart below. In the last two years, Congress has approved $5 TRILLION of spending ABOVE the normal spending levels.

You’re telling us that Congress can’t claw back 3% of this federal budget bloat without the world coming to an end?

To quote Joe Biden: “C’mon man!”

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