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What Would You Rather Fund? Aid to Israel or Expanding the IRS

We absolutely love this headline:

Bravo!  Finally, Republicans are getting smart, and new Speaker Mike Johnson in his first days on the job is proving to be a shrewd tactician – and a fighter.

Democrats secured $80 billion of new funding for the IRS last year. Johnson wants to cut $14.3 billion from that near-doubling of the IRS budget to 63.4 billion (still an outrageously high amount) and use the “savings” to pay for the Israel aid. Yes, we know this is all-blue smoke and mirrors budgeting.

But Democrats are furious, so Johnson must be doing something right here. A Biden official fumed to the Washington Post that Republicans are “trying to protect tax cheats.” How low can they go?

But Johnson has them cleverly cornered. Even Obama’s IRS commissioner John Koskinen said “I’m not sure you’d be able to efficiently use that much money. That’s a lot of money.” Ya think?

This is a good fight to have. Take it to the voters. Let Chucky Schumer and Joe Biden explain why they chose the IRS over Israel aid.

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