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Whatever Happened to “Save the Whales?”

State officials on the east coast are investigating whether the increased ship traffic and intense sonar mapping associated with building offshore wind turbines have led to an unprecedented number of dead whales landing on local beaches in recent months.

The Biden administration denies there’s any connection, claiming that something else must be causing the mammals to beach. But residents of coastal communities in the Northeast say the government is engaged in blatant “hypocrisy” after the same federal agencies almost regulated local fishermen completely out of business in an effort to protect whales, without any data showing fishermen bring any harm to them. Now the Feds are resisting efforts to get to the bottom of why so many whales are washing up dead on beaches.

Michael Shellenberger, an environmentalist who’s broken with extreme “green groups,” has now produced a new documentary called “Thrown To The Wind,” that examines the whale controversy.

“The biggest ‘green’ groups in America are completely in the tank when it comes to renewable energy,” says energy analyst Robert Bryce. “They aren’t concerned about the ongoing slaughter of our wildlife by the wind industry.” Marine life is the latest casualty of the climate-industrial complex.

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