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What’s the Matter With Michigan?!

For the first time since 1944, a state has repealed its right to work law.

Michigan is once again a “closed shop,” meaning that many blue-collar workers will be forced to join a union, whether they want to or not.

Is Governor Whitmer intentionally TRYING to lose jobs in Michigan? For decades Michigan was the poster child for the Rust Belt and union power run amok. Closed factories turned Flint and Detroit into virtual ghost towns with extreme poverty and where drug dealers were the richest guys in town.

Auto factories relocated out of the forced union states and the moving vans delivered the jobs to South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee. Why? Because these were states with pro-business policies that didn’t cede control to corrupt union brass. Over the last three decades, Right to Work states created double the number of jobs as did forced-union states.

Michigan revived its economy in 2012 with a Right to Work law. Now they’ve gone backward. This is a giant setback for the State of Michigan and the tens of thousands of workers who have lost the freedom to choose.

By the way, Whitmer is seen as a top alternative presidential candidate for the Democrats if, as we fear, Democrats throw Biden off the side of the bus.

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