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When You Assume You Make an Ass Out of U and Me

The Biden EPA ASSUMES electric vehicles will be literally zero emissions as if the electricity were generated by magic.

Hoover’s David Henderson notes:

In short, the EPA assumes something it knows to be false, namely that emissions from producing electricity to power EVs are zero.

How could the EPA justify such an extreme assumption? On the same page, it attempts to do so, writing, “The program has…functioned as intended, encouraging the continued development and introduction of electric vehicle technology.”

Did you catch that? The EPA justifies its explicit bias against gasoline-powered vehicles and in favor of EVs by arguing that doing so will encourage the continued development of EVs. Call it the EPA’s new frontier in cost/benefit analysis. Or maybe call it the Bart Simpson justification: “I only lied because it was the easiest way to get what I wanted.”

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