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Where Are All the Asylum Seekers Going?

Bloomberg is out with an analysis of the Immigration Service statistics on where these millions of migrants are settling. The states with the biggest increase in these immigrants are Illinois, Colorado, New York, and California. We suppose there is a rough justice that the blue sanctuary states and cities are the ones that bear the burden.

Now, of course, these blue state pols are pleading for federal dollars to pay for the health care, housing, and feeding of these illegal immigrants that they said they would welcome with open arms.

By the way, the wait for an asylum hearing because of backlogs is now FOUR years!

Even if Trump is elected to fix this crisis, it’s going to take many years to unwind this fiasco. We don’t blame the poor migrants for this calamity – they are victims of an idiotic and inhumane policy that comes straight out of the Biden White House.

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