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Where Did All The Covid Money Go?

The more we learn about the Biden response to Covid over these past 12 months (remember he famously promised to “shut down the virus,”) the more we learn of a bungled and incompetent operation that cost lives.

This from the Wall Street Journal on where all the $1.9 trillion of Covid money went from the “urgent” bill that passed through Congress (without a single Republican vote) and was signed into law by Biden:

Why didn’t [the Biden administration] order more treatments sooner?

That’s an especially good question given that the stated purpose of Democrats’ $1.9 trillion spending bill last March was Covid relief. Yet less than 1% of the spending was allocated for therapies. About as much money was given last year to New York’s financially ailing transit system as the Administration spent procuring Covid therapies. The result: A persistent treatment shortage and countless preventable deaths.

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