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Where Is The Nearest Drug Store?

Speaking of our deranged woke culture, Rampant retail theft is forcing grocery and drug store closures in inner cities.

Wawa, the iconic store chain that personifies Philadelphia, has just announced the closure of two downtown stores and may exclude the city from any expansion plans due to rising crime. Last month, a gang of 100 juveniles ransacked a Wawa store. Reported thefts at Wawa’s 40 Philly sites have doubled in the last two years.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, this week Cotopaxi Drugs closed a store that it had only opened a year ago. It joins 11 Walgreens stores that have closed in the last three years due to rising crime.

Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith said crime was so bad, employees started locking the door and only letting customers in. “But someone was hiding along the side, they rushed in the store as well and this group started grabbing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of product,” Smith said. He has gone on LinkedIn to blast city officials for allowing the city to descend into “a city of chaos.”

“I grew up in Latin America and spent much of my adult life there, and I never felt this unsafe there.”

With stories like these, Is it any wonder crime ranks as one of the top issues among all voters, especially minorities?

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