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Who Was That Masked…Two Year Old?

The House passed the REINS Act yesterday – a bill that would require affirmative approval of major new regulations by the House and Senate before they can take effect.

One of the main objections came from Jerry Nadler, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, who actually argued that this would make it harder to mandate masks for two-year-olds in a future pandemic. He even said that NOT masking two-year-olds is “child abuse”:

There is no evidence masking two-year-olds had any benefit and substantial evidence it impedes language and social-emotional development. Almost no other country in the world ever implemented this policy and even the WHO recommended against it. If it were a good idea, Nadler could round up majority support in Congress for it.

This might be the single worst argument ever made against a bill on the House floor.

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