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Who Will Control State Legislatures?

Readers of The Hotline should have received our forecasts of 2022 races for the Senate and Gubernatorial races in a separate email. Rounding out our election coverage, here is our report on the important voting for state legislative chambers as voters decide nearly 6,300 state legislative races in 46 states.

What isn’t very much publicized is the dominance that Republicans have built up in state House and Senate chambers. See map.

Republicans child a commanding 54% to 44% advantage in state seats over Democrats. Republicans held a majority in 62 chambers, and Democrats held the majority in 36 chambers. One chamber (Alaska House) was organized under a multi-party power-sharing coalition.

The underreported story in this election is that the GOP is very likely to increase its advantage by at least another net 100 seats.

These chambers could flip from blue to red after tomorrow:

Connecticut Senate 23D-13R currently
Colorado Senate 20D-15R currently
Maine House 79D-64R-8 Other currently
Minnesota House 69D-64R currently
Nevada House 25D-16R currently
Nevada Senate 11D-9R-1V currently but only 11 seats are up this cycle

The only GOP-held chamber that could be in jeopardy is the Michigan Legislature.

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