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Why Is The Left So Terrified Of Ron DeSantis?

We don’t have a horse in the 2024 presidential sweepstakes, but it’s fascinating to us that the left is becoming as unhinged about the prospect of Ron DeSantis in the White House as they are about another Donald Trump run.

A USA Today screed about DeSantis starts this way:

“If there were a recipe to make another Florida Governor Ron DeSantis it might go something like this: Grab some playground bully off the shelf with a heaping teaspoon of science denial, a swig of race-baiting and a lump of LGBTQ bigotry for good measure.

If it sounds nasty, that’s because he is.”

By the way, one of DeSantis’ alleged sins is that he wants to teach patriotism in the schools and another is he doesn’t want 12-year-olds to get sex change operations.

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