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Why There Is a Food Shortage in Poor Countries

Here is an alarming headline from the Sunday New York Times:

Next question: why are there fertilizer shortages? The Times says the rich countries are hogging all the fertilizer. Wrong. Mankind has the capacity to produce fertilizer for the world many times over.

The main reason for the shortage is that for many years now radical climate change groups have declared war on synthetic fertilizers and have insisted that to save the planet, countries — rich and poor — must go back to “organic fertilizers” – including “manure and ground bone.”

That’s funny because the left doesn’t like cows either — because they emit greenhouse gases — so we wonder where the manure is going to come from.

If you think we are making any of this up, the “MIT Climate Portal” has a report on “Fertilizer and Climate Change.” Here is their conclusion:

One day they hate fertilizer, the next they scratch their heads and ask where did all the fertilizer go.

Tragically, the left did the same thing by banning pesticides (DDT) in the 1970s and ‘80s, and through this homicidal crusade to save birds (based on questionable science) allowed hundreds of thousands of poor people to die terrible deaths from malaria rather than killing mosquitos.

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