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Will Democrats Jump from the Frying Pan to the Fire If They Replace Joe?

Vice President Kamala Harris has passed her boss in the betting odds of who will be the Democratic nominee this year. She gets 42 percent of punter support, versus just 35 percent for Joe Biden.

Biden’s position has weakened significantly in the last couple of days, with 72 percent of democrats wanting a change in the ticket. Democrats running for House and Senate seats are terrified of having to share the ticket with a visibly diminished Biden. James Carville, the former top strategist for Bill Clinton, told a conference call with top Democratic donors that they should refuse to give the party any more money unless there is a change in the ticket.

However, several donors are resisting Kamala as a replacement.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, a top adviser to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, told the call that Harris “is more threatening to those swing voters (that we need) than a dead Joe Biden or a comatose Joe Biden.”

An online meme promoted by Republicans shows Harris during her failed 2020 primary campaign for president calling for an end to private health insurance, higher taxes, and a form of racial quotas in hiring.

RealClearPolling averages show that Vice President Harris trails Donald Trump by 6.6 percentage points, while Biden is behind by only 1.5 points.

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