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Will Hotels in L.A. Become Homeless Shelters?

California is consistently ranked as having the worst business climate of all 50 states – and the pols are doing all they can to keep it that way.

Next March, Los Angeles voters will decide on a union-backed initiative that would require hotels to tell the city how many rooms are vacant by 2 p.m. every day and then fill the rooms every night with the homeless. The city would be required to pay some below market rate compensation.

Anyone want to stay at the Beverly Hills Hilton when there are drunkards and homeless people in the lobby and the room next to yours?

Ray Patel, president of a local Hotel Owners Association, is flabbergasted by the policy. “I can’t screen who ends up in my hotel rooms?” he says. “How do I protect my other customers and my staff?”

The initiative sponsor is UNITE HERE Local 11, a radical union that represents workers at hotels and convention centers. It insists it is simply trying to help the homeless. But when the hotels shut down in L.A. because having vagrants permanently on a property is unsustainable, what happens to all those union workers? Are they going to become homeless too?

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